My Courses are designed to teach you my unique way of making.

DSC01141‘Our Four Legged Friends no1′

 £180 (two and a half days)


‘Four Legged Friends no2′

£180 (two and a half days)


‘British Birds’

£200 (two and a half days)


‘Standing and Movement’

£320 (four days)


Why my course?

I developed my making process whilst studying ceramics at Loughborough University. I was fascinated how it enriched my depiction and gave depth to my surface texture. It is an easy and effective way of building, which is great for all abilities. It is particularly helpful for those of you working with clay for the first time.

Through the years I  have continued to push the boundaries and found many benefits to my style of making, which is why I enjoy sharing it with others. All my courses above are held at my studio in West Sussex however I also teach at West Dean where I am a short course tutor. I also do talks, demos and workshops for ceramics groups.


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How I teach

On my courses I invite you into my studio and show you through a series of demonstrations how I create my sculptures. I believe it is important to brake everything down into simple steps. I have small groups of students no more than 6 people, so I can fit in plenty of one to one tuition.


For Dates and availability

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