‘British Birds’

British Birds looks at how I make my large and miniature bird sculptures.

I would recommend you attended the first course on ‘four legged friends’ before taking part on My British Birds course. (It would help to understand the making process and have some basic sculpting skills before we start.)


What Will I Be Learning?

You will learn two different ways of approaching birds in clay. This is a great course for homing down you detailed sculpting skills and having some fun with the detail in their wings. Whilst working on your wings I will show you easy ways of sculpting the various different feathers and get a sense of depth and texture in your birds.

The course also looks at introducing other mediums into your work, to give you the desired effect. I incorporate wood and metal into my bird sculptures. We will look at how and why I do this.

What Experience Do I Need? 

I suggest you attend the first course on ‘Our four legged friends’ so you know the making process. But this is not essential.

You do not need any other experience.


What sculpture will I be making?

For your first sculpture you will be making a small garden bird of your choice. (tits, wrens, robins, sparrows) Your large sculpture can be any large British bird (please stay away from your small garden birds for your main sculpture, we will be making them fairly true to size and we don’t want them too small). I will be sculpting a tawny owl in my demonstration. (Please be aware that there is not time to do wings open).

The Teaching Day

2pm till 5pm

The afternoon will start with us making our little garden birds. I’ll be doing step by step demonstrations throughout the morning.

10am till 12.30pm

We will begin our large scale birds with a demonstration on chicken wire, scrim and paper clay.

1.30pm till 5pm

Saturday afternoon I will show you how to sculpt the face through a series of demonstrations

We will then move on to feather work.

10am till 12.30pm

We begin by looking at making the feet and doing the finishing touches.

1.30pm till 5pm

For those of you who have finished, I will demonstrate how I make my kingfishers.

Morning tea and coffee with biscuits will be served at 11am.

Afternoon tea and coffee with cake will be served at 3.30pm

photo 2


The two and a half day course is £180 this includes all your clay, firings, stain and application for two pieces. (Once your piece is fired I will apply the stain so you can collect a finished piece at a later date.)

Numbers are limited to six and will only run with at least five people. I will ask for a deposit of £50 on booking (payable by bank transfer or cheque), with full payment due six weeks before.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in contact by phone or email and I’ll get back to you shortly.

What will I be able to Take Home?

You will complete at least two sculptures during the two and a half day course. Please be aware I will not be able to have any of your work fired by the end of the course the pieces can either be taken home unfired or collected at a later date when they have been fired,

stained and attached to their legs.


For dates and availability

Please Click Here



If you would like to go ahead and book on to my course ‘British Birds’ please send me an email via felicity@lloydcoombesceramics.co.uk or click the word contact in the grey bar at the top of the page and send me an email with the following information.

-       Your name

-       Phone number

-       Email address

-       The course name ‘British Birds’ and date.

-       Is this your first course with me?

Your booking will be confirmed via email when I receive your deposit.


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  1. Hi felicity ,

    What are your dates for the birds course please for me and Nadine

    Hope you are well. We both want to make huge chickens !

    Lots of love Ann

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