‘Standing and Movement’

On this four day course I will teach you how to sculpt animals in standing positions.

I want to move away from stiff legged animal ceramics and show you how my method of working, combined with the knowledge and know how can reflect the effortless movement of an animal.


What Will I Be Learning?

In this four day course we will be studying four legged animals and how to get a ceramic sculpture free standing. We will be looking at different ways of supporting the clay and how to refine the legs whilst keeping it standing. I will be demonstrating and explaining how my method of working lends itself to this.

I will show you why my method animals in movement. We will leave behind stiff legged animals so commonly seen in ceramics and use the materials to capture the energy and power of the animal.

We will also look at their anatomy and study the way animals move. I will be showing you key points to remember when tackling moving poses.  Leaving you will the knowledge to capture the grace and ease of an animal in motion.

By the end of the course we will be capturing animals in the midst of a movement, and bringing the clay to life.

What Experience Do I Need?

Before doing this course I ask that you partake in at least one of the ‘four legged friends’ course. I need you to know my making process before we embark on ‘standing and movement’. They are advanced poses so some experience is necessary.

What sculptures will I be making?

We will start by making a standing pose of your chosen animal (please remember we are looking at four legged animals). This will be a simple straight legged pose, allowing you to get a sense of the making process and the strength of the clay. We will then move on to an animal in motion and tackle the obstacles and challenges that running poses presents. (Please be aware when choosing your pose that the animal needs to have at least three contact points.) 


The Teaching Day


Morning session:

10am – 12.30am (Tea, coffee and biscuits served at 11am)

Afternoon session:

1.30pm – 5pm (Tea, coffee and cake served at 3pm)

What will I be able to Take Home?

You will complete at least two sculptures during the four day course. Please be aware I will not be able to have any of your work fired by the end of the course the pieces can either be taken home unfired or collected at a later date when they have been fired and stained.



The four day course is £320 this includes all your clay, firings, stain and application for two pieces. (Once your piece is fired I will apply the stain so you can collect a finished piece at a later date.)

Numbers are limited to six and will only run with at least five people. I will ask for a deposit of £50 on booking (payable by bank transfer or cheque), with full payment due six weeks before.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in contact by phone or email and I’ll get back to you shortly.


For dates and availability

Please Click Here


If you would like to go ahead and book on to my course ‘Standing and Movement’ please send me an email via felicity@lloydcoombesceramics.co.uk or click the word contact in the grey bar at the top of the page and send me an email with the following information.

-       Your name

-       Phone number

-       Email address

-       The course name ‘Standing and Movement’ and date.

-       Is this your first course with me?

Your booking will be confirmed via email when I receive your deposit.


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