Little House
Dudley Commission

IMG-20140224-00128 (1)

Dudley is the very first Bulldog to leave the studio and what a joy he was. Dudley sadly died  in December last year. His owners got in touch and had him sculpted to sit against his ashes, with his dates stamped on the base in memory of his life.


Dudley is home safe and sound and now takes pride of place in the living room – out of reach of our three year old who identified him the moment she saw him! We are very, very pleased with him. You have captured him perfectly. We can’t stop looking at him from every angle. Even as I sit and type this now I keep glancing up to have another look! We each have our own personal favourite view. I cannot express how happy we are with him. Thank you so much for your time and work. The piece is everything we anticipated and more. 



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