Commissions: Pet Ceramics

When you decide to commission an animal ceramic of your pet, Lloyd Coombes Ceramics specialise in portraying the individual personality and essence of your pet in a sculpture that you will treasure. If you would like to capture a lifelong memory of your pet make a limited number of animal ceramic commissions each year.  Most of our commissions are for dogs we have completed some sculptures of horses, but we will take commissions for any pet that you would like to immortalise in clay.

The Appointment

You will be invited for an appointment at the studio together with your pet, this is flexible but will generally be a 1 to 1 ½ hour time slot.  At the appointment Felicity Lloyd Coombes, who is the owner of the studio, will have some of her pieces of work laid out to show the possible design choices and the size you would like your pet ceramic to be. This will give you the opportunity to talk with Felicity about what part of the animals character you would like to capture, serious, comedic or somewhere in-between. You will also be able to discuss details on how you would like the pet ceramic posed and what type of finish you would like.  This will give Felicity the opportunity to observe your animal and ask questions about its background and personality.

During this discussion phase your dog will have had the opportunity to calm down and have a good look around the studio (…possibly knocking over a sculpture or two… !) at which time Felicity likes to get an idea of its physique.  She does this by feeling the muscle and form of the dog using her hands to touch the limbs, torso and head.  If it is a particular breed she will try to pick up any anomalies that are not typical to the breed and are individual to your dog – Felicity wants to find the character of your dog and transfer this into the animal ceramic that she is creating to give it personality and individuality.

Quotation for an Animal Ceramic

Prices for a commission work start at £140 for one of our smaller pet ceramic works but a typical work is generally priced in the region of £170 to £300.  All prices are quoted on an individual basis depending on your requirements and larger works will cost more.  Felicity will email a quotation to you the evening of the appointment giving you the full details of the design you have agreed and the price.

Once you have placed an order and paid a deposit, Felicity will ask you to take a specific series of photographs of your pet.  She has found that photographs taken by the owner in the relaxed environment of the dog’s own home make it easier to capture the right expressions and dimensions for the sculpture and this approach is easier on everyone.

Pet Ceramic in Progress

All of the pet ceramic commissions are completed from December through to February each year and while this process is taking place Felicity will design and sculpt the animal ceramic and send  photographs to you while the clay is still wet and malleable. Once approved the ceramic is allowed to dry and will then be fired in the kiln.  The finished pet ceramic is then either stained or painted and mounted according to the clients wishes.

Please use our contact page to let us know of your interest and we will call you to discuss the options that are available.


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