Testimonials – Commissions

Commission: Dudley

Dudley is the very first Bulldog to leave the studio and what a joy he was. Dudley sadly died  in December last year. His owners got in touch and had him sculpted to sit against his ashes, with his dates stamped on the base in memory of his life.

Dear Felicity

Dudley is home safe and sound and now takes pride of place in the living room – out of reach of our three year old who identified him the moment she saw him! We are very, very pleased with him. You have captured him perfectly. We can’t stop looking at him from every angle. Even as I sit and type this now I keep glancing up to have another look! We each have our own personal favourite view. I cannot express how happy we are with him. Thank you so much for your time and work. The piece is everything we anticipated and more. 

IMG-20140224-00128 (1)

Commission : Gizmo

We managed to get a visit in time but Gizmo, a Springer Spaniel. sadly died before the sculpture was finished.

Dear Felicity

What can I say! He’s in position looking out into the garden which he so loved to do. I can’t believe how much he looks like him, I perhaps thought I would feel sadness and never thought for one moment that a sculptor of my beloved Gizmo would, and could give me so much peace. It is the detail in his face, the muscles down his side and of course his little ‘off kilter’ smile, and the look that he gave when he looked deep into my eyes. You have captured it all. Thank you. I will treasure it. A friend has said ‘wow, its Gizmo in miniature!’ and it is.

Thank you.
Love from Wendy, Gizmo’s ‘Mum’


Commission: Bailey

A Labrador, working police dog.

Hi Felicity,

Our sculpture of ‘Bailey’ arrived home safely. Thank you. We are extremely pleased with him, you have done a fantastic job and he was well worth waiting for. You have managed to capture him to a ‘T’, the likeness is spot on. He has now got pride of place in our front room.

We hope everything works out for you and thank you once again.

Sandie and John



Commission: Two Dalmations, A Great Dane and A Cross Breed

Yvonne let me have complete freedom on this piece. From her description of the dogs personalities and their relationships within the pack, I composed a sculpture to capture their personalities and their attitudes to one another.

Hi Felicity,

Morris has just dropped the sculptures off now, bless.

I love them, they are absolutely gorgeous. The detail is just amazing on them, Rhys even has toe nails. You even have George’s little pink bit on his nose too. They are really just stunning. I am over the moon with them Felicity.

I love too that you have dated them and you have initialed them too, it is nice to have them dated as it is a snapshot in time the pieces, a bit like having a photo.


Hi again,

Felicity, I can’t stop looking at the sculptures from different angles too.

You have caught George absolutely perfect. He stands so proud and you have caught that in him. Neo looks his cute as a button little self. Tara the tart cuddled up with Rhys which she does a lot. Rhys his features and his colour are just looking at him.

Very, very special sculptures and very personal to me. I am really over the moon with them Felicity. I can’t thank you enough for the work you have put into them. Just amazing.

Yvonne XX




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