‘ Our Four Legged Friends’

I recommend this as my introductory course. It takes you step by step through my making process whilst showing you how basic knowledge of the animals form can help your observation skills.

There are two levels to this course. On your first course we look at reclining animals. If you enjoy your first course with me take a look at ‘Our Four Legged Friends’ No 2.


 What will I be learning ?

In this course we will be looking at ‘our four legged friends’. I will talk you through their anatomy and how a basic knowledge of their bone and muscle composition will guide your observation skills and improve your depiction.

My method of making will differ to those you will have seen before. So on your first course with me you will be making a reclining (laying down) animal. This will allow you to learn my method of making and its pros and cons. I take you through each stage step by step with easy to follow demonstration. The more experienced among you will be encouraged to discover your own direction and use my methods of making to further your own work.

What experience do I need?

Due to the one to one tuition the course is suitable for all abilities even those of you who have never tried a creative activity in an artistic medium. We see and feel in the three dimensional, so it is my belief that sculpting with clay is an easy introduction to building your artistic skills.


What sculpture will I make?

On your first course, you will be sculpting a four legged animal in a reclining position. In my demonstration I show you how I go about making my hares. They are a fun piece to sculpt and incorporate exaggerated legs, ears, muscles and textures to keep you busy learning and having fun throughout the weekend.

If you are new to three dimensional work it may be easier to follow the demonstration than try and convert what you are learning to another animal. However if you are feeling confident please feel free to pick an animal of your choice, but to make the most out of the course please make sure it is a four legged animal (not just heads please).


My Demo Piece I made during one of these courses.

Day Plan

Friday Afternoon  
starts 2pm and finishes at 5pm

 This is an optional day to introduce you to the studio and the materials you will be working with.

We will cover how to make animals in solid clay form and look at the anatomy and structure.  This will show you how to go about sculpting an animal and how to approach it. Preparing you for the days ahead.

It will show you how to sketch ideas out in clay, whilst showing you the sculpting skills I use in my miniature work.

Afternoon tea and coffee with cake, will be provided at 3.30pm.

10am till 12.30pm

The morning will start with me giving a demonstration of how to work with chicken wire. You will then go and prepare the frame work of your sculpture.

Before lunch we will apply the coats of clay, so the sculpting can beginner after lunch.

Morning tea and coffee with biscuits will be served at 11am

2pm to 5pm

After Lunch I will give a demonstration on how to sculpt the front and back legs.

Afternoon tea and coffee with cake will be served at 3.30pm,

10am till 12.30pm

Sunday morning we will tackle the head. I will explain and demonstrate how to go about sculpting the head and facial features.

Morning tea and coffee with biscuits served at 11am.

2pm till 4pm

 A final demonstration will cover making and attaching ears and tails followed by surface texture and final details.


What will I be able to take home?

You will complete two sculptures during the two and a half day course. Please be aware I will not be able to have any of your work fired by the end of the course the pieces can either be taken home unfired or collected at a later date when they have been fired and stained.

photo (2)Students Piece



The two and a half day course is £180 this includes all your clay, firings, stain and application for two pieces. (Once your piece is fired I will apply the stain so you can collect a finished piece at a later date.)

Numbers are limited to six and will only run with at least five people. I will ask for a deposit of £50 on booking (payable by bank transfer or cheque), with full payment due six weeks before.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in contact by phone or email and I’ll get back to you shortly.


For dates and availability

Please Click Here


Booking Information

If you would like to go ahead and book on to my course ‘four legged friends’ part one please send me an email via felicity@lloydcoombesceramics.co.uk or click the word contact in the grey bar at the top of the page and send me an email with the following information.

-       Your name

-       Phone number

-       Email address

-       The course name ‘four legged friends’ and date.

-       Is this your first course with me?

Your booking will be confirmed via email when I receive your deposit.



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